We are in full swing with our class!  We have some private one on one lessons available.  Thank you for your patience as I recovered from surgery


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New class schedule posted every 6 to 7 weeks

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Private training sessions are a great opportunity to address a specific issue, and one on one attention is the most efficient way to train your dog. 

I was instantly put at ease. "

When I first signed my pitmix, Zoey, up for the beginner agility class at Woof Pack, I was skeptical but hopeful.  The only thing I wanted from it was to help boost Zoey’s confidence.


Zoey is 2 years old but she has been a very nervous dog since I brought her home at 8 weeks old.  She loves people and loves adventures but anytime something “new” comes out, she is hesitant and will shake until she realizes that it is ok.


The very first class with Kristy, I was instantly put at ease.  It was a small class of only 4 dogs which meant plenty of space for us to spread out and help the dogs relax and get comfortable.  Kristy was extremely welcoming and told us what the plan was for the class, what we would learn, and why these seemingly small steps were important in the grand scheme of agility.


That very first class we were introduced to the tunnel.  This is the best example I can use because I honestly did not think Zoey would go through. it.


The way Kristy approached the tunnel, the way she handled Zoey, the way she gave me instructions all lead to a huge success that evening!  Zoey not only went through the tunnel but she flew through it, and has happily gone through it on her own over and over and over since that first class.


The beginners agility class is a HUGE step in the journey that Zoey is going through.  I have seen her confidence level increase each week, and she absolutely LOVES going to training with Kristy!!


Thank you Kristy for working at the pace that Zoey needed.  We cannot wait for our next lesson with you!!

Desire, Zoey's Mom

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