Are you struggling with your dog? 

Hi, I'm Kristy

I help you build a bond with your dog making owning your dog a more rewarding experience.

My experience working with a variety of trainers and veterinarians coupled with running the dog daycare has given me an understanding of dog behaviour.  

With this knowledge I have developed a games based training that is fun for both you and your dog,  helping to develop an unbreakable bond.  

Meet Our Trainers

Monique Davison, dog trainer

While growing up I have always had an intense love for all animals but especially dogs. I spent my free time volunteering at farms and rescues whenever I could. After working at a zoo with a wide variety of species for 4 years I finally realized that my true passion is with dogs from the help of my shepherd mix Koda and many others. I met Kristy while attending one of her agility classes and later started volunteering with her because I loved the way she trains and how amazingly she treats her clients, dog and human both. She hired me soon after and I have been greatly enjoying learning as much as I can, working with so many incredible dogs and people and I am so happy to be able to continue this journey at Woof Pack.

Monique Davison

Dog Daycare Trainer

True North Agility instructor is John MacKinley.  John  has been involved with the dog sport of agility for twenty five years. Over that time he has trained and competed in North America with his border collies..

John MacKinley

Agility Trainer

Jenn Grew, behaviour modification dog trainer

Jenn has been training dogs for more than 15 years. She started in agility when she got a dog, Rudi, and needed something to do. They soon became addicted and got their ATCH and went to nationals a few times.

Zep, a Border Collie, was her first planned sport dog. He was aggressive toward humans and dogs and had a bite record before he was two. That forced her to search and study, teaching Zep to overcome most of his triggers, learn bite inhibition, and become a well-behaved dog for the rest of his life.

For the last decade, Jenn has been helping owners with dogs who suffer from fear, aggression, reactivity, confidence, and motivation issues. Her goal is to create a dog-owner relationship that is built on trust, confidence, and clear communication.

Jenn has fostered and rehabilitated a number of dogs, helping them move into caring homes. Along the way, she and her dogs have competed in a variety of sports, and she has titled in rally, agility, and disc. She currently teaches agility foundations and behaviour, relationship, and engagement classes to students in Nova Scotia as well as remotely across Canada.”

Jenn Grew

Behaviour modification trainer

Our Facilities

The Agility dome

Perfect for your training needs.  Fully enclosed 120 ft X 55 ft arena turf flooring.  Equipped with Agility equipment and good lighting.  

The Daycare And Field Rental Play Area

A 6ft fenced in big, green grass field to fulfill your dogs desire to run and play safely. 

The Big Red Barn

The barn is Heated/AC with comfortable mats for your dogs to play safely on while at the daycare.  

Our manners classes are also held in the barn so you and your dog and work in individual stalls to get the most of your learning expierence.

1190 Conquerall Mills Road
Conquerall Mills
Nova Scotia
B4V 6B6

(902) 523-1395  Open 7:30am to 5:30pm

Indoor, spacious, training area.

We have one of the only indoor dog training facilities in Nova Scotia. You can practice with your dog or take our classes in any weather.