Keep Fit + Have Fun

Bond with your dog.  

Enjoy self-guided training or group classes with your dog in our indoor agility dome.  

Woof Pack Membership

Enjoy the flexibility of training your dog on your schedule in our fully equipped training dome.  

Our monthly membership program allows you to book weekly hours in the  Dome to train with your dog. 

55'X120' indoor, turf footing, equipped with Agility and obedience equipment

1190 Conquerall Mills Road
Conquerall Mills
Nova Scotia
B4V 6B6

(902) 523-1395  Open 7:30am to 5:30pm

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4 hours / week in the Agility Dome
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  • Book times that work for you
  • Available early and late
  • Bring a friend for $10
  • Train in any weather

Enjoy training your dog year-round  indoors in any weather.  It's a great way to bond with your dog, and keep active in the winter.   Equipped with agility and obedience equipment.

Bailey and I started agility over a year ago.  The progress we made is a direct result of of the coaching and training we received from Kristy.  She is always patient and supportive.  We work hard and laugh lots.  Bai Loves Agility!

Lynn & Bailey

My dog Ruby and I have been doing agility at Woof Pack for 2 years, and we both love it, learning together has made such a positive impact on our bond. Kristy is so patient with me, Ruby is much smarter than her human. It makes me really appreciate how smart and amazing Ruby is. 

Cathy & Ruby

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t use all my hours? do they carry over?

No your training hours are limited to 4hrs a week in 1 hour or 2 hour time slots. Time does not carry over to the next week.

Do I need to commit to consecutive months?

No, you can choose which months best suit you.  However, in order to qualify for discounts on certain events, seminars, and classes you need to have three consecutive months.  

What's In The Dome?

The dome is fully enclosed 120ftx55ft, dirt flooring and is not heated or air conditioned.

Equipment includes: 

  • 4 tunnels
  • 9 winged jumps
  • Rubberized dog walk
  • Rubberized A frame
  • Teeter
  • Table with adjustable legs
  • Tire jump (old frame)
  • Metal Spread Jump
  • Metal Double Jump
  • Crates of various sizes
  • 4 puppy bumps
  • Practice ring gates