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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the method used for training?

We use game based training and preventative methods.  The method is to build a bond through trust and play.  To prevent unwanted behaviours while we train behaviours we want.

How many dogs do you take in a class?

Agility maximum is 5 in a class.  Obedience maximum is 12 in a class.

Why do you limit the amount of daycare dogs?

Each dog that comes into our daycare becomes an important part of our family.  We want to ensure dogs don’t get lost in the crowd.  I believe intimacy and fun is more important than the quantity of dogs we take.  We also believe safety comes first.  With numbers safety risk becomes higher.

1190 Conquerall Mills Road
Conquerall Mills
Nova Scotia
B4V 6B6

(902) 523-1395  Open 7:30am to 5:30pm

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We're located at 1190 Conquerall Mills Road, Conquerall Mills, Nova Scotia, B4V 6B6, Canada